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    Dangerous Goods Transportation
    Air, Sea & Road

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    Online & Class Room Dangerous Goods Training for Air, Sea, Road, Warehouse, Explosive &
    Radioactive Industries

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    Infectious /
    Biological Packing & Transportation

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    Explosive Transportation

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    Radioactive Transportation

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    Online Webshop
    UN Approved Packaging

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    Hazard Labels & Placards


Dangerous Goods Transport and Training Specialists

DG Air Freight is specialized in all aspects of safe transport of dangerous goods (ICAO/IATA/IMO/ADR). Moving any hazardous materials, by any mode of transport, requires expert know-how and services to ensure that national and international rules, regulations and requirements are duly met.

DG Air Freight provides professional services for packing, documentation, storage, training, consultancy and logistics of moving dangerous goods, safely and efficiently.

Products related to the shipping of dangerous goods are offered for sale. Transport Security services, certified Security Training programs and an impressive range of dangerous goods software solutions complete DG Air Freight service and product pallet.

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