Black Box Technology: NSW Plans To Track Trucks

Black box technology is not a novel concept in the world of safe transportation. But unfortunately, this term has been learned by the New South Wales Government when it was overdue. This delay turned out to be fatal in dangerous goods road transportation industry of Australia and the incidents like Mona Vale tanker explosion continue to be of concern.

But what makes them responsive now? Perhaps, it could be an immediate political reaction to the Mona Vale incident when the New South Wales Roads Minister Duncan Gay fingers on the “possibility” of implementing the Intelligent Access Program for safe trucking of dangerous goods. And it could also be an upshot of an alarming incline in the road freight accidents in Australia recently.

And why to go for black box technology? Certainly, precedents are there from Europe and America that clearly communicate a progressive success ratio of this technology when implemented in large fleet projects.

What’s debatable, then? A controversy emerges as to how to record the data. The voice of Australian trucking leader Lindsay Fox sounds convincing who suggests the gradual launch of the technology across the country. However, the strategic choice of the implementation plan still remains a barrier. Fleet Telematics could be a choice of proven success but options are still open.

Whatever it’d be, but no more lives should subject to the sheer negligence of unscrupulous road transport operators.