Explosion At Buckland Park: Another Hazard Light?

In a recent beeper by South Australia Country Fire Service and media tickers, it was informed on 14th November, 2013 that an explosion fired up the grassy zone of 100m and endangering the life of a 74 year old person who was critically injured during this unfortunate incident and still, in hospital sustaining his arms and legs burns.

This was the newsfeed posted by SA Country Fire Service on their Facebook Page:

“The CFS is currently responding to a grass fire in Buckland Park, which began as a shed fire that ignited just after 12.30pm this afternoon.

Around 45 firefighters in 8 appliances and 2 bulk water carriers are working to contain the fire which is burning slowly in inaccessible terrain along the northern side Gawler River near the extension of Legoe Rd.

The fire is travelling in a north easterly direction towards Buckland Park estate. Several sheds are alight, with one shed containing explosives. A 100m exclusion zone has been enforced as a precaution”.

In an update, it was revealed that 5 containers storing explosive materials were massively damaged despite of fire extinguishing efforts. The investigators are still collecting the evidence to establish the guilt of arson.

Does this incident remind us that we still have to find the safe heavens for us and our dangerous goods shipping containers? Yes or No: But we’d need to adopt the sustainable safety measures to avoid hazards in the future.