The Risks of Shipping Explosives without Proper Compliance

The shipping of dangerous goods within Australia has laws set forth by local governing agencies. There are rules and regulations enacted, some of which are tweaked and redone throughout the years, and it’s up to each business to understand and comply with current law. The transport of explosives is a huge business, especially during times of the year when fireworks and firecrackers are in huge demand. For this reason, some businesses do try to skirt around the regulations in order to ship more products faster. However, there are consequences for noncompliance, and business owners can be fined or prosecuted if a governing agency discovers noncompliance on an explosives transport.

Understanding Local Laws

A complex issue surrounding businesses that deal with the transport of dangerous goods by road is the ever-changing laws. Some companies may be in noncompliance and not even realize it. To better understand the legal aspects of transporting your hazardous materials, it may be a good idea to consult with hazardous materials professionals who work with businesses to help them comply with current laws by providing the education and training necessary.

For example, there are load limits for certain types of explosives. If your shipping dangerous goods by air over the limit allowed, you could end up paying a hefty fine. You must also ensure that all of your employees who will transport materials have the necessary explosives transport license needed to transport explosives and flammable materials. Consequences for noncompliance are often fines in the thousands, but serious infractions or frequent noncompliance could result in jail time.

Working with a Transport Company

If your business deals with explosives but you don’t feel comfortable that you’re satisfactorily meeting local regulations, you can opt to work with a dangerous goods transport company. DG Air Freight specializes in helping companies who need transport of explosive materials. Not only does our company offer transport services, but we can also consult with your business to determine whether you understand current laws and regulations. If your employees need it, we even offer dangerous goods training to help employees who frequently work with explosives, or transport explosives, to become comfortable with local laws, gain dangerous goods certification if necessary, and get the education needed to work in the dangerous goods business. Keeping up to date with all of the legalities of the dangerous goods business helps you avoid the risks associated with noncompliance.