OxySan chemical spill in Welshpool

The Fire and Emergency Services Authority immediately responded to the toxic chemical spill that happened at Masters Dairy in Welshpool, Western Australia last November 3. The substance that has been spilled was called OxySan, an EPA registered acid sanitizer.

According to the authority, there had been a thousand litre of OxySan that has leaked. Though OxySan is an EPA registered peracetic acid solution, it is still classified as dangerous goods according to the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission (NOHSC). This chemical is primarily used to remove mineral deposits on stainless steel such as pipelines, tanks and CIP systems which can definitely cause burns among people when directly contacted.

Thirteen firefighters wearing protective gear and respirators cleaned up the spill in Masters Dairy while they evacuate the workers at the Radium Street depot. Russell Jones of DFES said that the firefighters decanted the chemical from the leaking container and placed it to a new one.