Chemical Leak on Monash Freeway Causes Traffic Chaos

The Monash Freeway was closed for a chemical leak cleanup when a truck carrying chemical containers were ruptured and a flammable aviation fuel was left spilling onto the freeway which was under the Heatherton Road overpass of the Endeavour Hills.

The authorities ordered for a section of the Monash Freeway to be closed for the emergency crews to clean up the spill. Both directions of the freeway were closed after a chemical spill involved a drum of leaking and highly flammable aviation fuel. In turn, the freeway underwent a traffic chaos between the roads of Heatherton, Endeavour Hills, Stud Road and Dandenong North early noon around 10:50 am.

Nevertheless, the freeway between Stud Road and Belgrave-Hallam Road reopened at 3 pm in both directions, lessening the clogged roads. However, there were still heavy delays according to VicRoads Director of Road Operations Dean Zabrieszach. Drivers were encouraged to seek alternative routes if they wanted to avoid facing direct traffic congestion.

Aside from the highly flammable aviation fuel, the truck also carried other highly dangerous chemicals. But the authorities assured that the chemical leak doesn’t pose any threat to the community but they advised the people near the area to turn off their air-conditioning units.

To prevent the aviation fuel and other chemicals from mixing or igniting, firefighters worked for several hours to isolate the chemicals while they were dressed in their fully enclosed gas suits. The leaking aviation fuel and other chemicals were transferred and secured; and were bound to be safely transported later.

According to CFA District 8 Operations Officer Greg Christison, a passing car alerted the truck driver regarding the chemical leak. The truck driver then pulled over and called for emergency services. The chemical spill was noticed around 10:50 am but the truck carrying the chemical had not overturned.