Ammonia Spill Causes Injury to Seven Refrigeration Business Workers in Hazelmere

December 11 surprised Hazelmere with an unexpected blast.

Seven workers of the Rand Refrigerated Logistics, a leading Australian refrigerated transport company, were rescued and rushed to the hospital after a high pressure pipe containing ammonia accidentally blasts, severely exposing the workers to the dangerous chemical. Fortunately, the workers are currently in a stable condition after they were all given immediate and thorough medication.

The incident has led to forced evacuation of the entire business operation as the emergency response teams exert joined efforts to decontaminate the area. They also assured the residents and other business establishments along the vicinity of Rand Refrigerated Logistics that there is nothing to worry about, in case they are worrying if the leak might also affect them. Clearing the entire business facility of Rand might take some time though.

Ammonia is a common chemical compound found in cleaning agents used at home. It is also used in refrigerating rooms and trucks. It can be a pungent-smelling gas or liquid which can be hazardous if not handled properly. This chemical can cause burning, fainting, and even death. Severe exposure might lead to respiratory irritation, increased pulse rate, heightened blood pressure, swelling of the lungs, and asphyxia. Exposure to 10, 000 ppm of ammonia may lead to death.

Although there is no known antidote for ammonia poisoning, persons exposed to large amounts of this chemical can highly recover, provided that they are given proper first-aid care during the initial symptoms of exposure to the chemical, and careful medical care once they are brought to the hospital.

Experts advise that workers who will likely have increased exposure to ammonia must undergo a special hazardous chemical training. The company must also provide them with individual protective gear they can use at work. In the event of accidental ammonia leaks, workers must have an immediate access to the local emergency response teams.

Rand Refrigerated Logistics has been a partner of numerous manufacturers, exporters, retailers, and food service distributors. After the unexpected ammonia chemical spill, it is now expected that there will be a decline in the services they provide, which may largely affect other related industries that rely on the company.