Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals
Transport & Handling

Agricultural and veterinary (Agvet) chemicals play a vital role in today’s farming system. However, when such chemicals are not properly used, they present harmful consequences to people, animals, crops and the environment as a whole. Thus when Agvet chemicals are involved, utmost care must be exercised and safety standards should be followed in handling, storing, packaging, transport and disposal of Agvet chemicals.

To centralise and oversee the assessment and registration of all agricultural and veterinary chemical products across Australia, the Australian government established a statutory authority – the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) – to accomplish this purpose. One of APVMA’s responsibilities is to monitor the market to ensure that Agvet supplies meet APVMA’s standards and requirements. Additionally, APVMA reviews registered chemical products to make certain their compliance to contemporary standards. Included in Agvet products registered by the APVMA chemical products are things commonly used inside the house, e.g. insect sprays, swimming pool chemicals and medicines for companion animals and pets.

DG Air Freight is your best partner in the handling, storing, packaging, transporting and disposal of Agvet chemicals. Dedicated to deliver excellent service, DG Air guarantees safe handling of hazardous materials made possible through its expertise and knowledge regarding national and international policies and requisites of dangerous goods.

Being in the industry for 20 years, DG Air is best equipped to supply the Hospital, Clinical Trial & Pharmaceutical Industries with a complete Collection, Packaging and Transport, Consultation service for Agvet temperature sensitive samples.

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