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Transporting & packaging Biological, Infectious, temperature – sensitive samples interstate is very time consuming and if completed incorrectly or through a transport system that’s less than adequate, very costly to you and your patient. The hidden cost of transporting these samples is time…

The time it takes staff to be trained in accordance with the correct regulations. The time it takes staff to package and fill in the appropriate paper work. The time it takes to ensure your samples reached their intended destination and in the intended time.

If you are using a mass transport system that doesn’t understand what’s required when transporting time sensitive samples.

I’m sure you have experienced the things that do go wrong. The delays in collection and delivery, the delivery to loading docks and not direct to labs or personnel or the mishandling of your samples.

So what do you do when your samples haven’t been delivered when they should have been, you spend the next 1 hour on the phone lodging the complaint with their customer circus. Only to be given the same typical answer they give to a person looking for their shoes they bought off E-bay. We’ll call you back within the next 24 hours with an answer.

If your samples need to stay at a desired temperature range a 24 hour delay is unacceptable. Yes, these mass transport systems will get it right 7 out of 10 times. However, explaining that you lost a patients sample or research is not a pleasant situation for anyone.

We have been transporting & packaging Biological, Infectious, temperature – sensitive samples for almost 20 years. We have developed a dedicated collection and delivery system Australia wide. Our trained & dedicated staff understand the needs of the industry and care required with your samples.

Once we receive a booking request from you, we read through the details that’s required to complete the delivery of your sample. If your sample requires freezing or refrigeration during transport our trained and experienced personnel are dispatched with the packaging required to keep the integrity of your sample through transport.

Your samples are packaged and delivered directly to the airport for the next available flight.

Once landed at the intended destination our personnel are waiting to deliver your sample. We deliver to the delivery address on our booking system. If that’s Doctor Harry on level 4 of the QEII then we deliver to Doctor Harry on level 4. Once the Dr Harry signs the proof of delivery it’s radioed back to home base and you are notified straight away who signed for your sample and what time.

Yes, we experience delays in transport that are out of our control.

Our staff are all trained to report any delays back to operations and wait for further instructions. Your samples are located, you are notified of the delay and expected delivery time. In the unfortunate event that your samples experience an extreme amount of delay your samples are located and re-iced then delivered as soon as possible. We ensure the integrity of your samples is kept.

Our system is used daily by major hospitals around Australia.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge and team to deliver 100% satisfaction to our customer every time. Take a look at our testimonials and let us know what you think. Fill in the enquiry form or call us on 1300 65 1248 to discuss your samples and your shipping requirements. We look forward to your call.

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