Biological & Infectious Temperature Sensitive Transports

Certified Packaging and Transport Service
for Biological & Infectious Substances

Biological & Infectious Substances Transported Internationally

Transporting and packing biological, infectious temperature sensitive samples internationally require great care and expert knowledge. It should be complying with all the international rules and regulations that govern air transport and import procedures of the receiving country.

DG Air has been packing and transporting biological, infectious substances in Australia for 20 years. The long years of service within the biological transport industry in Australia have made DG Air to gain the industry’s know-how and expertise that could answer the needs of each hospital, clinical trial and pharmaceutical industries in terms of comprehensive collection, packaging and transport services for biological and infectious temperature sensitive samples.

DG Air has a worldwide network that understands the requirements of the industry, and works towards delivering 100% satisfaction among its consumers.

Biological & Infectious Substances Transported Domestically

Transporting and packing biological, infectious temperature sensitive samples can be very time consuming. If transported or packed incorrectly with the use of a less adequate diagnostic specimen transport system, the specimens or samples could possibly be damaged.

So as to prevent that from happening, we, at DG Air, would take the hassle of transporting your samples to your desired destination. For 20 years, we are dealing with the packing and transporting of biological, infectious substances in Australia. With our comprehensive booking, collection, packaging and transport services, the hospital, clinical trial and pharmaceutical industries can be assured of a quality biological transport in Australia.

Certified Thermal & Infectious Packaging

DG Air’s diagnostic specimen transport is trusted by a lot of consumers since all of our thermal packaging have been tested and certified. Our transport system provides the desired temperature range required for your samples.

We have three sizes of thermal packaging available:

  • DGA -0006 - 5 Litres: 20(H) x 17 (W) x 17(L) cm Suitable Domestic Overnight Transport
  • DGA -0022 – 18 Litres: 24(H) x 30(W) x 30(L) cm Suitable for Internationally to the Asia Pacific or large domestic shipments
  • DGA -0038 – 30.5 Litres: 24(H) x 30(W) x 49.5(L) cm Suitable for International shipments around the world

Full test reports are available upon request.

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