8-Month Old Baby Swallows Battery

15th February 2015

It was December last year when Amanda Hacche left her eight – month old baby, Devon, to a family member for a business trip. When it was time to collect Devon, she noticed his discomfort and seemed like he was suffering sore throat. After consulting with doctor, they insisted that he had bronchitis and Amanda being unsettled and unconvinced by their diagnosis, insisted for an X-ray. Results were shocking as it revealed a lodged lithium-ion battery in the baby’s throat.

At ten months old, there is still uncertainty that Devon will survive this predicament. As hard as it may be, Ms. Hacche is coming to terms with the horrific fact that her baby may never be able to speak again or breathe without the assistance of a breathing apparatus.

The Danger of Lithium Battery

“Doctors thought he had bronchitis, but is seemed like the wheezing sounds came from his throat and not his lungs”, the anguished mother said. Even days after taking medications, there was no improvement to his condition. Asthma medications were used to help open up and relax Devon’s throat, but still causing no relief from the wheezing the 8-month old baby was experiencing.

After three days, Amanda finally took Devon to the emergency department for an X-ray, which revealed a battery dislodged in his throat. What’s more dreadful about it is that it caused major internal corrosive burns along the trachea. Due to the body’s natural acids and moisture, the electric charge of the battery was amplified and the rate of corrosion increased.

The lithium ion battery corroded the tissues in the oesophagus, burning right through the trachea and the laryngeal nerve, which controls the voice box. As much as they want to take him home and continue treatment there, Devon can’t breathe by himself. Today, at ten months old, he has undergone 3 major operations and more than 30 smaller procedures.

Since most home appliances and gadgets use lithium – batteries, every parent should be aware of the dangers they pose and should consider it as an incredible risk to children.


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