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8-Month Old Baby Swallows Battery

15th February 2015

It was December last year when Amanda Hacche left her eight – month old baby, Devon, to a family member for a business trip. When it was time to collect Devon, she noticed his discomfort and seemed like he was suffering sore throat. After consulting with doctor, they insisted that he had bronchitis and Amanda being unsettled and unconvinced by their diagnosis, insisted for an X-ray. Results were shocking as it revealed a lodged lithium-ion battery in the baby’s throat.


How Dangerous is the Transport of LNG?

1st February 2015

Most people think of LNG or Liquefied Natural Gas as toxic and extremely dangerous to transport from one place to another. But from historical data, it possesses the best safety record when it comes to the shipment and handling of common fuel types. It is basically non – toxic and the safety hazards that it poses are substantially less compared to diesel, gasoline, and other known liquid fuels.

37th Amendment of the IMDG – Now Available

25th January 2015

The 37th Amendment of the IMDG or the Inernational Maritime Dangerous Goods Code is now available. It is the international guide that contains the recently revised and authored rules and regulations that define the legal transporting of dangerous goods, whether by cargo or passenger ships.

Ammonia Spill Causes Injury to Seven Refrigeration Business Workers in Hazelmere

11th January 2015

December 11 surprised Hazelmere with an unexpected blast.

Seven workers of the Rand Refrigerated Logistics, a leading Australian refrigerated transport company, were rescued and rushed to the hospital after a high pressure pipe containing ammonia accidentally blasts, severely exposing the workers to the dangerous chemical. Fortunately, the workers are currently in a stable condition after they were all given immediate and thorough medication.

Chemical Leak on Monash Freeway Causes Traffic Chaos

4th January 2015

The Monash Freeway was closed for a chemical leak cleanup when a truck carrying chemical containers were ruptured and a flammable aviation fuel was left spilling onto the freeway which was under the Heatherton Road overpass of the Endeavour Hills.

Cootamundra Fertilizer Factory Catches Fire

28th December 2014

A factory in Cootamundra caught a chemical fire last Tuesday night when a small pallet consisting of the chemical zinc chloride was on a small blaze which immediately caused a chemical reaction to emit gas worsening the fire. As a result, the authorities set up a 200-metre exclusion zone wherein six homes around the area were evacuated especially those within the area of Berthong and Wills streets.

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