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PHMSA Safety Alert on Bakken Crude Oil

8th January 2014

In the wake of hazardous situation emerged at Bakken region, the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) has warned the dangerous goods transporters, emergency responders and the general public that the crude oil from Bakken shale bears an unprecedentedly higher flammability than traditional heavy crude oil. It is very likely, as this safety alert notes, that if any additional hazards in Bakken crude oil are discovered upon completion of investigation, it may affect the classification and packaging for crude oil shipments. 

The Risks of Shipping Explosives without Proper Compliance

4th January 2014

The shipping of dangerous goods within Australia has laws set forth by local governing agencies. There are rules and regulations enacted, some of which are tweaked and redone throughout the years, and it's up to each business to understand and comply with current law. The transport of explosives is a huge business, especially during times of the year when fireworks and firecrackers are in huge demand. For this reason, some businesses do try to skirt around the regulations in order to ship more products faster. However, there are consequences for noncompliance, and business owners can be fined or prosecuted if a governing agency discovers noncompliance on an explosives transport.

Amazon Hits Back Anti-drone Voices By Releasing First Video

19th December 2013

Since the moment Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, floated up with Prime Air strategic move, Drones are the subject of skeptical voices and golly comments. Rather it would not be an exaggeration to say that the long-missing innovation in shipping industry has been triggered up. And undoubtedly, though, Amazon still has to hone this "60 minute" (now even reduced to 30 minute) delivery surprise for the next four to five years, this has invited all for a big "rethink" in transportation landscape. The recent video released by Amazon of its first trial Drone delivery is the second strike in this flurry.

Ranger Uranium Mine Faces Suspension Over Massive Spill

17th December 2013

Australia's Ranger uranium mine, operational since the last 33 years, has recently attracted a suspension by the federal government. This penal situation emerged when one of the leach tanks of the mine cracked to leak more than 1 million liters of radioactive slurry near Kakadu National Park. Just in one hour of this massive leak, some critics started to quote this incident one of the biggest case of non-compliance in Australian leaks history. Fortunately, no injuries have been reported so far but the safety concerns are far reaching.

Maritime Regulators Flag Oceanborne Carriers

9th December 2013

The shipping media, these days, is abuzz with taglines underscoring the Global P3 Alliance Summit due on 17th December. The maritime regulators from the EU and China will join the discussion orchestrated by the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) in Washington DC. The fascinating plan tabled by three titanic shippers, Maersk Line, CMA-CGM and Mediterranean Shipping Co (MSC), of this extended alliance within the global sea transport industry will be the only focus of this regulatory summit. This has started to make waves within the global shipping industry which is evident from the dissenting shippers' questions. 

Can BYOD Make Australian Roads Safe?

19th November 2013

Well, arguably yes! If everyone wants to grab an iPhone, then what's wrong in their consumerization? Rather, it is pretty beneficial to achieve organizational goals and this goes with no exception to safe trucking, definitely. Flexibility, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and more importantly, increased productivity all are gearshift of this heavy trucking device. Undoubtedly, if we've better monitoring systems in place, we can drive towards a better and safe trucking future.

WOW, road safety with an iPhone? How? What it has to do with road safety? Nothing Questionable?

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