Radiation Transport Calculator

DG Air has been involved in the training, consulting and transport of radioactive material for over 25 years as a specialist dangerous goods service provider.Radiation Professionals Australia (RPA) is part of the DG Air Group and provides expert radiation advice to the mining, exploration, petroleum, industrial and regulatory sectors.

This unique combination of companies is second to none in the world and together have an extensive list of services to cover all your radiation requirements.

We can engage with local and international authorities ensuring all appropriate permits & licensing are in place making the compliance of export, import handling hassle free.

List of services include:

Transport security plans for security enhanced radiation sources. Approval to transfer sources.
Single plans for one-time shipments. Unloading of industrial gauges.
Import and Export approval for radioactive material. Contamination checks.
End-to-end transport of radioactive material Packing of sources/material for disposal.
Packaging and preparation of Isotopes Declarations and shipping to point of disposal.
Labelling in accordance with shipping requirements. Proof of acceptance of material.
Dangerous Goods Declarations (Air/Road/Rail). Procurement and supply of radioactive material.
Monitored shipping. Development of radiation management plans.
Customs clearance. Development of radiation (facility) security plans.
Delivery to consignee & Proof of delivery Development of waste management plans.
Disposal of radioactive material. Assistance with regulatory compliance.
Radiation signage requirements. Radiation safety training services.