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DG Air has been involved in the dangerous goods industry for over 40 years. Our experienced consultants meet the highest standard of industry requirements and formal assessment competency of the Australian Institute of Dangerous Goods Consultants.

They are qualified to offer once-off advice or to be utilised for ongoing assignments. Our consultants assess your requirements and from their experience design the best solution for your needs. These solutions include dangerous goods in Transport, Training, Storage and OH&S. We have an array of services that include:

  • Tailored Training Course Developed for Job-specific tasks.
  • Tailored E-Learning Course Development
  • Dangerous Goods Auditing
  • Risk Assessment Auditing
  • Transport Security Plans
  • Dangerous Goods Licencing
  • Emergency Management Plans
  • Quality Assurance

Our expert advice is covered by our Professional Indemnity & Risk Related Insurance policy of 175 Million Euros. Over the years, DG Air has worked with Industry's heavy weights in the Oil & Gas Industry and with Government with major infrastructure project.

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