Department of Defence
Transport & Handling

Defence Export Control Office (DECO) that will be made responsible to the Minister for Defence for regulating the export of defence and strategic goods and technologies. Military applications such as software, technology, documents and diagrams.

The strategic goods and technologies is managed by DECO and includes military items intended for military purposes or items which are lethal in nature and commercial items and technologies that may be used in the creation and development of chemical, biological or weaponry systems. Australia’s export control policies on defence and strategic goods are constructed in such a manner consistent with defending Australia and its national interests.

DG Air Freight supports in protecting of Australia’s national interests by providing first-rate, consulting and transportation service of dangerous goods. We provide a wide array of professional services including packing, documentation, storage, training, consultancy and logistics of moving dangerous goods. All of these services are completed in a safe and efficient manner.

DG Air also offers products used in the shipment of dangerous goods such as, dangerous goods containers. Transport Security services, Security Training programs and dangerous goods software solutions are also available.

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