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Explosive transport, storage and compliance in Australia is one of the most difficult tasks companies face in the industry today.

The local state authority governs the rules and regulations that industry are required to abide to. This makes 6 sets of rules and regulations personnel need to know before transporting, storing and using explosives in Australia.

We have over 40 years experience with explosives in Australia during that time we have developed the experience and industry knowhow to best assist industry with the transport, storage and compliance of explosives.

We have 54 offices around the world that can assist in the logistics of explosives to or from Australia. We can import & export explosives on your behalf or act as an industry expert to ensure all responsibilities of local, federal & international laws are duly met.

We have a fleet of Explosive vehicles that are available to transport explosives anywhere in Australia and our drivers are all security cleared and well trained to handle explosives.

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