Illicit Drugs Transport & Logistics

To consistently regulate the use of key precursor chemicals in the production of ATS, the Ministerial Council on Drug Strategy established a National Precursor Chemical Control Framework on November 2010. The framework aims to control precursor chemicals by using a collaborative decision – making model. As a result, new structures were built under the framework. These are Precursor Advisory Group (PAG), Precursor Industry Reference Group (PIRG) and the National Drug Precursor Risk Assessment Capability (NDPRAC).

Precursor chemicals that are susceptible to misuse will be subject to a thorough risk assessment process. Further, PAG will put forward risk mitigation approaches to concerned agencies. Aside from the establishment of a framework, the Australian government also conducts several National Drug Strategy Campaigns to heighten public awareness on the health impacts of drug use. One of their campaigns is the National Illicit Drugs Campaign which seeks to meet the information needs of parents, carers and the broader community and most especially that of the youth.

DG Air Freight are dangerous goods professionals, all our personnel are security cleared to handle, package, store, dispose & transport precursor chemicals. We offer our clients a complete premium transport, documentation and packaging service for all classes of dangerous goods & security restricted items.

DG Air Freight professional staff is in strict compliance to the ADG, IATA, ICAO, IMDG and SSBA regulations. We are always ready to assist you in any way possible with your dangerous goods & security restricted packaging and transport requirements in and out of Australia.

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