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Chemicals are used for various purposes. For instance, it may be utilized as a therapeutic good or as an industrial chemical. Industrial chemicals when defined by exclusion pertain to substances which are not agricultural or veterinary product, medicine or medicinal product, food additive, contaminant or natural toxicant. On the other hand, therapeutic goods comprise prescription and non-prescription medicines, medical devices and biological.

The Australian government with the responsibility to protect the Australian people and the environment, built a statutory scheme that is the National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS), administered by the Department of Health. As there are therapeutic goods and industrial chemicals which present a risk of poisoning when improperly used, NICNAS functions to find out the risks to occupational health and safety, public health and the environment that might be associated with the importation, manufacture or use of industrial chemicals, and by maintaining a national standard for cosmetic products.

The transport of your industrial chemicals is safe and secured in DG Air Freight. DG Air is trusted and certified dangerous goods Packing, Consulting Logistics Company. With our competent and expert staff in over 54 offices around the globe, we assure each client a quality and safe service in delivering your shipments, be it domestically or internationally.

In case of unforseen events, DG Air backs up clients with €17,500,000 insurance in the event DG Air is the party at fault during the transport process.

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