Maintaining Safety in the Workplace

The occurrence of work – related fatality has been a great concern for Australian workers, workplaces and the Australian Government. Take note that as of August 21, 2014, an alarming number of 115 Australian workers died while at work based on Safe Work Australia statistics. Industry workplaces with the most number of deaths are Transport, postal & warehousing, Agriculture, forestry & fishing, Construction and Manufacturing.

Workers exposure to hazardous substances may have adverse effect on health e.g. skin irritation, cancer. Hazardous substances include dangerous goods which poses immediate hazard to people. Examples of dangerous goods are explosives, flammable liquids and gases, corrosives, chemically reactive or highly toxic substances. To protect worker’s health, safety and welfare, the Australian Government works side by side with different organizations and agencies primarily through Safe Work Australia. In achieving this purpose various standards such as National Code of Practice for the Labelling of Workplace Substances, Australian Code for the Transport of Explosives by Road and Rail and the Hazardous Waste (Regulation of Exports and Imports) Act 1989.

DG Air Freight, Australia’s pioneer and certified dangerous goods transporter has been in the industry for over 20 years now.

What makes our service even more effective is our partnership and connection with local and international authorities. This allows us to ascertain and ensure that all appropriate permits and licenses are properly handled. Yes, with DG Air’s global network of over 54 offices composed of expert personnel and connection with authorities, you can be confident that our company will take care of your dangerous goods shipments.

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