Managing Chemicals in the Environment

Proper management of chemicals in the environment is essential. Why? When chemicals are used properly, they bring a wide range of benefits to the society. Yet, if mismanaged, they can cause environmental problems throughout their life cycle starting from their production until their disposal.

The Department of Environment, to ensure that chemicals are managed safely, carries out environmental assessments on both industrial and agricultural chemicals for NICNAS and APVMA. Furthermore, it develops guidelines and standards to mitigate the production of hazardous chemicals. One of the guidelines is the Hazardous Waste (Regulation of Exports and Imports) Act 1989 which regulates the export and import of hazardous waste taking into account the safety of the people and the environment against the harmful effects of the waste. The Department also partners in cooperation with international organizations and helps in the development of international agreements that will control the use, production and emission of hazardous chemicals e.g. Montreal Protocol.

Besides transporting dangerous goods, DG Air Freight also offers dangerous goods consultancy to assist industry navigate through the regulations, containers, available in various types for packaging different classes of dangerous goods conforming to UN standards.

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