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  • For all consignments, the A/D for each source in the consignment must be summed
  • Aggregated (summed) A/D 1 or greater requires a Transport Plan
  • Aggregated (summed) A/D 10 or greater requires an ARPANSA Export Permit

DG Air Freight is able to assist with:

  • Transport security plans for security enhanced radiation sources.
  • Generic transport plans for frequent movement of sources between defined locations.
  • Single plans for one time shipments.
  • Import and Export approval for radioactive material.
  • End-to-end transport of radioactive material
  • Assistance with packing.
  • Labelling in accordance with shipping requirements.
  • Dangerous Goods Declarations (Air/Road/Rail).
  • Monitored shipping.
  • Customs clearance.
  • Delivery to consignee & Proof of delivery
  • Disposal of radioactive material.
  • Approval to transfer sources.
  • Unloading of industrial gauges.
  • Contamination checks.
  • Packing of sources/material for disposal.
  • Declarations and shipping to point of disposal.
  • Proof of acceptance of material.
  • Procurement and supply of radioactive material.
  • Development of radiation management plans.
  • Development of radiation (facility) security plans.
  • Development of waste management plans.
  • Assistance with regulatory compliance.
  • Radiation safety training services.
  • Radiation signage requirements.

DG Air has been involved in the training, consulting and transport of radioactive material for over 20 years. We have dedicated Radiation Safety Officers and approved Transport Security Plans Australia wide. We can engage with local and international authorities insuring all appropriate permits & licensing are in place making the export, import handling hassle free.

DG Air guarantees the highest level of quality and safety is adhered to in the industry with our ISO standards in business, safety and environmental. DG Air personnel indemnity insurance and risk related insurance is second to none in the dangerous goods industry with cover to €17 Million.

Our head Radiation Safety Officer Mr Clinton Hall obtained his Bachelor of Science degree with a Major in Physics and a Minor in Mathematics along with a Bachelor of Science Aeronautics degree with a Major in Commercial Aviation from the University of North Dakota.

Since obtaining these degrees Clinton has worked with industrial gauge manufacturers in Australia; working with Neutron Generators, Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis systems, Density gauges, Coal/Ash gauges, X-ray analysis equipment and a number of radionuclides.

This work included extensive field work at a variety of coal, cement, and minerals plants globally in addition to extensive calibration work.

Clinton has managed the supply chain, disposal, import and export of sealed sources and held the position of Radiation Safety Officer, ensuring regulatory compliance in all aspects of operations.

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