Consultancy Services for Dangerous Goods
Being committed to safety and dangerous goods experts, we can carry out a wide range of services that meet every possible need and legislation

A core challenge for companies managing dangerous goods is operating in line with safety requirements. However, the rules and regulations around dangerous goods in Australia are governed by a wide range of government and council departments.

Untangling these rules can become a logistical nightmare. It’s even hard to confirm whether your warehouse needs a dangerous goods or environmental licence/permit to stay compliant.

DG Air is a leader in dangerous goods storage and handling in Australia.

Our consultancy services range from simple advice to a complete dangerous goods management system and helping you secure your facility licence. DG Air has a reputation for its complete knowledge of dangerous goods laws in each Australian state, and over 25 years’ experience moving such goods across the country means we know how to handle them.

Our team is made of technical specialists who can innovate unique solutions (to solve unexpected problems) and provide a range of value add services to suit every possible need. These include:

  • Safety Management System
  • Operational Procedures
  • Regulatory Advice
  • Classification of Dangerous Goods
  • Layout Design
  • Security Planning Procedures
  • Emergency Procedure Guidance
  • Emergency Procedure Design

Being a specialist dangerous goods company with extensive understanding of both the legislative requirements and practical realities of operating a dangerous goods facility, we are uniquely positioned to provide a powerful, effective consulting service.

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