Consultancy Services for Explosives
We have over 50 years’ experience with handling explosives in Australia and during that time we have developed the experience and industry knowhow to best assist you

The most fundamental challenge for companies in the explosives industry is staying in line with safety obligations and requirements. Unfortunately, explosive regulations in Australia are a tangled web of complex, regionally-varying, and even outdated rules.

Before transporting, storing, and using explosives in Australia, you must demonstrate a total understanding of 7 different sets of rules and regulations—or partner with someone who brings that knowledge for you.

DG Air is Australia’s leading explosive handling, transport, and storage company.

Our consultancy services range from simple advice to a complete explosive management system that aids in securing a facility licence. We have a complete understanding of explosive management laws across Australia and over 25 years’ experience moving explosive goods across the country.

We have developed the expertise and industry know-how to offer unrivalled consulting services for the transport, storage, and compliance of explosives in the following fields:

  • Explosive Management Plans
  • Explosive Authorisations
  • Regulatory Advice
  • Classification of Explosives
  • Storage design & layout
  • Licencing store
  • Emergency Procedure Guidance
  • Import & Export Licencing

With a total commitment to regulatory compliance and safety, as well as expert knowledge and continuous innovation of our services, we are Australia’s leading consultant on explosive management.

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