Dangerous Goods Warehousing and Storage
An Outsourced Managed Dangerous Goods Warehouse will give you efficiencies and flexibility to continue growing your business.

Warehousing dangerous goods requires an exceptional understanding of compliance regulations, leading edge technology, and well-trained personnel. The problem with inefficient warehousing is that it leads to inventory complications: too little stock and you can’t meet demand; too much and your cash is all tied up.

A simple lack of visibility on your inventory can also cause expensive, headache-inducing problems. Our Outsourced Managed Dangerous Goods Warehousing helps you achieve a more seamless and compliant supply chain.

Outsourced Dangerous Goods Warehouse

DG Air’s warehouses include state-of-the-art inventory management technology which allows customers to view and manage their stock across all locations. Our storage solutions are best-in-class, and we can accommodate any class of dangerous goods including explosives and radioactive materials.

All goods are managed according to stringent criteria and comply with the highest national Health & Safety requirements. For dangerous goods storage and management, you can rely on DG Air.

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