Explosive Storage
We offer explosive storage capabilities at several of our locations across our group of facilities, ensuring our service meets your operational needs.

It’s impossible to effectively manage inventory without the right facilities, technology, and skilled personnel in place. Our Outsourced Managed Explosive Storage provides a seamless, compliant supply chain solution and a balanced inventory: keep satisfying customers’ needs off the shelf without tying up your cash in excess stock.

Outsourced Explosive Storage Facility

Let DG Air carry the burden of inventory management. With a fully-managed storage facility and state-of-the-art inventory management technology, you can view and manage your worldwide stock through our simple Electronic Data Interface (EDI).

Our cutting-edge facilities are licenced to store a range of explosives classes at locations around Australia. We offer full import/export capabilities for your products, including the packing and unpacking of FCLs.

An outsourced managed explosive storage facility will give you the inventory management efficiency and flexibility you need to grow your business.

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