Hot Shots
We offer tailored solutions to a speed delivery that include trucking and charter options.

DG Air’s hot shot service is the fastest on-land cargo transport in Australia.

Available 24/7 for consignments of any size, we offer trucking and charter options all over Australia which can be tailored for the fastest possible delivery. Our one and two-driver vehicles are fitted with the latest GPS and in-vehicle monitoring systems, while our drivers have extensive experience navigating across the country.

Services include:

  • Remote Transport
  • ADR Compliant Vehicles
  • Air Charter Service
  • Driver Swap out
  • Single Driver or Two Drivers
  • Mine Specified Vehicles

Using DG Air for hot shot trucking brings assurance and stability to your operations. Our team has extensive experience mitigating risk and overcoming delays – such as complications with oversized or unconventional shipments – without ever compromising the integrity of your consignment.

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