NORM Disposal & Logistics
Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material

Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) is a common waste by-product when extracting materials from the earth, prevalent in the oil & gas, LNG, and mining industries.

This radioactive material (consisting of radium, radon, thorium, and uranium) is often found in pipelines, filter socks, and oily sludges or residues. When NORM concentrations exceed acceptable health & safety levels for workers (common when equipment is refurbished or decommissioned) the material must be managed and disposed of expertly.

Australia’s radiation experts

Radioactive waste disposal is an ever-shifting landscape. For example the circumstances in which NORM is present are always different, including variation in the activity, quantity, and flammability of the material.

The DG Air group consists of two companies which offer a complete end-to-end NORM management service: Radiation Professionals Australia Ltd (radiation consultancy experts) and DG Air Trading Ltd, specialists in international dangerous goods transport & logistics.

Every DG Air and RPA site across Australia are registered to manage NORM from beginning to end. We can contain, process and store NORM in the form of scale, surface-contaminated objects (SCO) and oily sludges & residues. Our services include:

  • Assessment
  • Ocean Freight
  • Containment
  • Ongoing Management
  • Processing
  • Radiation Training
  • Domestic Transport
  • Dangerous Goods Training
Waste disposal

Our consultative approach allows you to make informed decisions on disposal outcomes with confidence. We’ll navigate the state, territory, and international legislative requirements to engineer the most appropriate disposal outcome for you. Outcomes include:

  • International or Domestic Disposal
  • Deep well Disposal
  • Class 4 Waste Disposal
  • Near surface Disposal
  • Class 5 Waste Disposal
  • Geological Repository

The DG Air Group is uniquely capable of facilitating NORM management and disposal. Our extensive knowledge and expertise ensures we will mitigate risk and deliver a full-scale, reliable service for any industry.

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