Radioactive Transport Service
Radioactive Transport Service

If you ship one of the 20 million radioactive consignments moved every year around the world then you will be aware of the sticked regulatory framework on transport. If you have ever questioned what happens to a radioactive package once it leaves your facility, then you are not alone.

These are complicated high exposure shipments that generally need to pass through several check points before being loaded on ships, planes, trucks and trains around the world.

There are many moving parts to correctly transporting radioactive consignments from the training the drivers receive, to the insurance the company must have to mitigate against any accidents.

Overcoming these fundamental challenges when shipping radioactive consignments has been a key component of our business, we pride ourselves on our flawless performance allowing us to work with some the leading innovators in industry today.

  • Diagnostic, Therapeutic uses for Medicine
  • Agriculture
  • Research
  • Exploration
  • Manufacturing
  • Power

Our network of global dangerous goods services offers a comprehensive solution to sending any radioactive consignment. We take your worry out of each shipment as they are extensively monitored as it passes through the network, managing any delay in transit.

The choice of preferred carriers ensures your products routing is the first out allowing the management of transit times with trusted reliable air & shipping line partners.

We are not just a courier, we are a team of experienced dangerous goods consultants and can prepare packages and paperwork in accordance with IATA (air) IMDG (sea) or ADR/G (road) regulations.

  • Licenced Road Carrier
  • International Air Service
  • Domestic Air Service
  • International Sea Service
  • Licence Applications
  • Dangerous Goods Documentation
  • Radioactive Labelling
  • Radioactive Security Plans

We are in full control with our dedicated service ensuring your isotopes are handled with the utmost care.

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