Temperature Sensitive Perishable Air Cargo
A continuous temperature is critical to ensure products arrive at their intended temperature range

DG Air operates a domestic & global network of experts, specialised in the handling, packaging, documentation, transport, and delivery of temperature sensitive perishable cargo.

With us, your shipment is never “just another piece of cargo”. They are often prohibitively burdensome to replace, life-saving, or quite literally irreplaceable and we take that responsibility seriously.

The DG Air process

Over the past 25 years, we’ve become world-leaders in transporting temperature-sensitive, time-critical products all over the world.

Our tried-and-tested packaging ensures that specimens are packaged, shipped, and delivered within their intended temperature range. With trusted airline partners, we can effectively manage transit times and make sure your product is always on the first flight out. Each shipment is extensively monitored as it passes along our network, and contingency plans keep any transit delays to an absolute minimum.

But it’s the human factor which separates DG Air from any other perishable cargo transporter: we only hire and train the best people. With our 99.9% on-time delivery rate, there isn’t a service on the market better-suited to patient specimen delivery than DG Air.

  • Life Science Packaging
  • Dedicated Collection
  • Track and Trace
  • Temperature Controlled Products
  • Next Available Flight Out
  • Security Sensitive Biological Agents Standards
  • Packaging Services
  • Delivered Directly to Labs
  • Infectious Substance Category A & B
More Than A Courier

We are not just a courier. We are a full-scale perishable goods service, from preparing the specimen in temperature-sensitive packaging to collection, documentation, logistics planning, tracking, and final delivery.

This level of management ensures impeccable execution, but it also represents a decent night’s sleep for you, knowing your temperature-sensitive, time-critical products will arrive on time and in the right condition.

When time and security are paramount, trust DG Air to manage your perishable air cargo.

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