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DG Office SDG's mission is to deliver information technology expertise dedicated to safe production, storage, transport and trade of any class of dangerous goods or hazardous material.

The company is committed to an unprecedented level of customer support and service around strategic applications of compatible technology that focus on reducing operating costs and improving service and customer satisfaction.

All of the DG Office-SDG activities are performed in accordance with the global quality & safety standards, Rules and regulations of UN, ICAO/IATA, 49 CFR, IMO, ADG, ADNR and RID. - EC Standards, - ISO 9001:2000

DG Office-SDG has a rapidly growing global presence, with over four thousand users in over 15 countries. The company is headquartered in Kolding, Denmark with development offices in Denmark, Norway and The Netherlands and sales & support offices in the U.S., Europe, and Asia Pacific.

Our software product range covers all areas within ADG, 49 CFR, ADNR, RID, IMDG, ICAO /IATA and the environment. Included are Safety Data Sheets, Workspace Instructions, Safety Adviser, Transport, Warehousing and Waste management.

The product range is designed to operate together with the most common administrative computer systems like SAP, Navision, AS 400-systems, Unix-systems etc, with a Remote Interface.

These systems are also designed to handle and operate with the customers own dangerous goods database containing customers own product descriptions and product numbers.

DG Office is our online Dangerous Goods Software solution that is a module based platform to support all your Dangerous Goods related activities.

Due to its module based setup, DG Office can be tailored to your needs to make sure you do not pay for features you do not need.

For instance, if your main business is Road Transport, you pick the Transport module Road and if needed, add the additional Support Tool modules you prefer. In case you expand your business in the future with for instance Sea Transport, you always have the option to add addtional modules within 5 minutes.

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