Road Transport

DG Air Freight Staff are licensed to transport all dangerous goods. We offer a full compliant explosive and radioactive transport service Australia wide. DG Air Freight staff are trained in local & Federal legislation and follow the Australian Dangerous Goods Road rules and regulations. We are licensed to carry 1.1 explosives. Up to a NEQ of 1000KG or Mixed load NEQ up to 265KG.

  • Drivers licensed to carry 1.1 Explosives

  • Registered Radioactive transporter

  • High risk loads certified

  • Dedicated drive “Hot Shot” ready 24 hours a day.

DG Air Freight comprehensive network and wide selection of transport services we offer our customers the most suitable solutions. We meet today's demands for flexibility, quality, service and transit time.


DG Air Freight can assist in your Transport requirements. You can contact us by telephone or simply fill in the enquiry form and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

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